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Some FAQ answers:

Why are you doing this?

I got stuck in traffic one day when I was living in L.A., and started wondering, "just why on Earth doesn't LA have good public transit?"  The answer, or course, is that there used to be 1000 miles of light rail that eventually closed because it wasn't profitable - and neither the City nor the County wanted to pay to support a failing private business.

Where do you get all this information?

Archival research, mostly.  I live in New York, so I have the benefit of the New York Public Library's archives.  Also, I make lots and lots of public records requests.  Many of the never-built plans are gathering dust in archives, largely forgotten.  So, it's a mix of public transit as it used to be, public transit as it is now, and plans that never got built.  I was a history major in college, and I take my research very, very seriously.

How do you draw these things?

Adobe Illustrator.

Do you have a personal favorite?

LA's Pacific Electric Railway, 1912.


Welcome again, and feel free to browse around and look through the lost subways of North America.


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