Charleston, South Carolina streetcar system, 1923
Charleston, South Carolina streetcar system, 1923
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Charleston, South Carolina streetcar system, 1923

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Charleston, South Carolina, is a good example of how smaller cities would build out their streetcar networks during the early 20th century.  Like most Southern cities, it was ruined economically by the Civil War, and remained a relative backwater compared to the great cities of the North and West.  (In the 1920s, with 67,000 inhabitants, Charleston had fewer inhabitants than great metropolises as Sioux City, Iowa, and South Bend, Indiana.)  The streetcar system is typical of a city of this period, with lines along the main roads plus a circular crosstown "belt" line.  Like many of its contemporaries, the Charleston streetcar system in the 1920s was owned by the electric company; under pressure from federal antitrust enforcers, car and bus competition, the system gradually withered on the vine, and was closed in 1938.

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